Alexandra Grieser

                    "It is an error to assume

that to know is to understand

and to understand is to like."

E.S. Smith-Bowen: Return to Laughter

Assistant Professor for the Theory of Religion
Dep. of Religions and Theology
Trinity College Dublin

Arts Building, room 3151
Dublin 2, Ireland





Current Position

Assistant Professor for the Theory of Religion, Trinity College Dublin


Last project:

Aesthetics of Knowledge: The popularization of Science as a source of world-view and religion in modernity


Main research areas 

Theory and Method in the Study of Religion

Religion and/in Modernity

Aesthetics of Religion

History of Sciene - History and Theory of Knowledge

European Pluralism

Interferences between religion and literature, art and science

Religion and rhetoric (history, classification, methods)


Other work areas  

Theory and Practice of Interdisciplinarity

Rhetoric coaching in the academic context

Moderation of interdisciplinary work processes and research communication,e.g.:

- Start-off conference for international scholary network:

"How Religion becomes Effective: Aesthetics as a Connective Concet for the Study of Religion", Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, 6-8th of March 2013.

- Process moderation (up to application) for interdisciplinary project “Drift and hybridization. Emergent normalities in the interreligious field between Germany and Turkey”, 2009/10. Participating disciplines: Near East Studies, Religious and Political Studies, Anthropology, Religious Education, Law and Economics.

- Moderation design for the founding meeting of theWorking Group on Religious Aesthetics” of the DVRW, LMU, May 2007.

- Moderation of panel discussion “Tasks and opportunities: Religious Studies in Germany and at the LMU”, 12.12.2008, Ethnographical Museum, Munich.

- Communication feedback in VW project colloquy "On the border: Historical man-environment relations as a trans-disciplinary field of research. On the development of trans-disciplinary research strategies”, 16.-20.11. 2006, Frauenchiemsee.



German Association for the Study of Religion (DVRW)

Irish Association for the Stuy of Religion (NGG)

International Association for the History of Religion (IAHR)

Founding member and Speaker of the Working Group on Religious Aesthetics of the German Acossiation for the Study of Religion (DVRW) |